In Flanders Fields


1 season | 10 episodes | 50 min

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'In Flanders Fields' tells the story of the Ghent-based Boesman family and their attempts to survive World War I. The story focuses on the five family members, each going through their own war over a four-year period.

The central character is 15-year-old Marie, a naive puberescent, developing through war time into a balanced adult woman with a positive outlook.

The real impact of the war becomes palpable to the family when the Germans occupy their home. The father, Philippe, a gynaecologist, sees an opportunity to become a professor in the Flemish University supported by the German occupier. The mother, Virginie, tries to keep her family together as much as she can, but the war drives them apart. Marie's oldest brother Vincent fights at the front line based on his ideals... and will pay a very high price for it. Guillaume, her other brother, tries desertion but becomes a soldier, ready or not. 

Marie dreams of becoming a doctor, but becomes a nurse at the front line. That is where she eventually finds the strength to build up a balanced perspective on the world and her family.

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Original title

In Vlaamse Velden


Historical drama

First broadcast

Jan 12, 2014

Production company



Dirk Impens


Jan Matthys


Carl Joos, Geert Vermeulen & Charles De Weerdt


Lize Feryn, Wietse Tanghe, Matthieu Sys, Barbara Sarafian, Wim Opbrouck, Jonas Van Geel, Hilde Heijnen, Marc Van Eeghem, Viv Van Dingenen, Tine Embrechts, Hilde Van Mieghem, Mathijs Schepers & Chris Lomme

Licensed by

Netflix - Belgium & The Netherlands
Globosat & Horizonte - Brazil
Walter Presents - UK
IRIB - Iran
SPI International (Canal+) - Eastern Europe