F.C. The Champions


21 seasons | 273 episodes | 40 min

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This comic series revolves around the adventures of a poorly performing pub football team called F.C. The Champions. For 21 seasons (!) the comical misunderstandings in the cafeteria and beyond create hilarious moments.

Most of the scenes take place in the club room, the homes of the main characters and the property of the neighbor. A constant element in the series is the hostile neighbor. He feels bothered by the football team on several levels and would love to see them leave...

F.C. The Champions is by far the most successful Flemish TV series ever (including the ongoing reruns) and perhaps the most successful Dutch-language TV series ever.

Besides the film three movies were made that also attracted a large audience. A fourth movie is on his way.


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Original title

F.C. De Kampioenen


21 seasons of 13 episodes (40')



First broadcast

Oct 6, 1990

Broadcast period

From 1990 till 2011 with several reruns until today 

Production company



Marijn Devalck, Danni Heylen, Johny Voners, Loes Van den Heuvel, Ann Tuts, An Swartenbroekx, Herman Verbruggen, Ben Rottiers, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert, Machteld Timmermans, Niels Destadsbader & Jacques Vermeire

Licensed by

Ready Made: Telenet - Flanders

Portugese remake by SIC: Clube dos Campeões (2 seasons/26 episodes)


Successful comic strips (since 1997)

3 movies, a 4th (still with all the original actors) is on his way (release end of 2019)

Snacks, beer, games,...