Fair game

fiction comedy

6 seasons | 58 episodes | 25 min

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Women have a special kind of logic – one that makes total sense to the rest of the fairer sex, but one that remains unfathomable to men. The way they think, they talk, they act,…

'Fair game' is a sketch comedy format, featuring a mainly female ensemble cast in the first two seasons  that sets out to explain the unexplainable… to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical… to show why it’s just SO difficult to park a car… and why it’s of life-changing importance to wear the right pair of shoes… why romantic surprises are key to a successful romance… and whether there’s any truth to the claim that women use 3 times as many words as men in a single day.

In the third and fourth season, the male characters get a bigger role.

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Original title

Loslopend wild (& gevogelte)


Season 1: 8x25'
Season 2: 10x25'
Season 3: 10x25'
Season 4: 10x25'
Season 5: in production
Season 6: in production



First broadcast

Dec 12, 2012

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q4 2012
Season 2: Q1 2014
Season 3: Q4 2015
Season 4: Q1 2018
Season 5: in production
Season 6: in production

Production company

VRT & Hopman


Riet De Prins


Charlotte Vanhecke, Els Vermuyten, Nele Meirhaeghe & Anke Brouwers


Tiny Bertels, Eva Binon, Camilia Blereau, Maarten Bosmans, Gilda De Bal, Reinhilde Decleir, David Dermez, Els Dottermans, Steve Geerts, Inni Massez, Inge Paulussen, Ben Segers, Alejandra Theus, Anemone Valcke, Lucas Van den Eynde, Marc Van Eeghem & Katelijne Verbeke

Extra info

Season 1 & 2: Loslopend wild (only women)

Season 3 & 4: Loslopend wild & gevogelte (women accompanied by men)