De Ridder


4 seasons | 47 episodes | 50 min

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As public prosecutor, Helena De Ridder leads the police investigation and institutes criminal proceedings in court. It gives De Ridder a unique focus. Week after week the spectator will follow a criminal dossier from beginning to end, from indictment to sentence, in the company of Helena. For Helena, finding the perpetrator is not enough: she also has to see to it that proper sentence is passed and that the perpetrator gets just punishment. And that is often difficult, for the world of crime and justice is never black or white.

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Original title

De Ridder


Seasons 1: 13x50' 

Season 2: 13x50'

Season 3: 13x50'
Season 4: 8x50' 


Procedural drama

First broadcast

Oct 13, 2013

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q3-Q4 2016

Season 2: Q4 2014

Season 3: Q4 2015

Season 4: Q3-Q4 2016

Production company

VRT & Eyeworks


Eric Taelman, Tom Goris, Lars Goeyvaerts, Hans Van Nuffel, Pieter Van Hees, Rik Daniels & Stef Desmyter


Rik D'hiet


Clara Cleymans, Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Michaël Pas, Michael Vergauwen, Katelijne Damen, Dirk Van Dijck, Lucas Van den Eynde & Lynn Van Royen

Licensed by

Netflix - Belgium & The Netherlands

NPO - The Netherlands

Videoland - The Netherlands
Telenet - Flanders