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Our Nature

Our nature

factual nature

| 7 episodes | 50 min

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Our Belgian nature is precious and under pressure. In order to protect it, we need to respect it, and in order to respect it, we need to reconnect with it emotionally. We want people to be amazed about the beauty and diversity of Belgian nature.

Our Nature is a seven-piece documentary series, each episode covering a specific type of environment and their respective wildlife: heathlands, forest, rivers & lakes, coast, open spaces and city nature. The central theme is the proximity of mankind.

Belgium is a small country in the heart of Europe, it is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe and a central hub for goods and people from all over the continent. It would seem like there is not much space left for nature, but by using that as a given and telling the story of animals and plants living close by, we will show the public that nature is all around us, if only you want to see.

The ultimate goal: in times of climate change and negative news, we want to create a positive astonishment that will eventually make people want to respect and protect Belgian nature, Our Nature.

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Original title

Onze natuur

Expected broadcast

spring 2022

Production company

Hotel Hungaria