Generation B


1 season | 6 episodes | 35 min

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‘On a Wednesday or Thursday Belgium’s rating dropped from AA+ to B. Everything that follows is true. Slightly exaggerated maybe, but not that much.’

That is where Generation B takes off. Shameless absurd comedy about the generation conflict between the youth that carries the weight of the new economic crisis and the powerful baby boomers who have no intention of giving up their luxury lifestyle. Generation B. follows six youngsters trying to survive in the metropole that is Brussels.

The main character is Jonas. A few months ago his life seemed perfect, now he lost both his job and his apartment. But the worst part is that his girlfriend Brulletje left him. Jonas is convinced that everything will turn out fine as long as he and Brulletje get back together. In order to survive, Jonas takes an underpaid job in a call center and rents a couch in a small apartment that he has to share with two of his fellow sufferers. Here Jonas meets the underground guru Sebastiaan, who wants to unleash a revolution against the baby boomers, and the mysterious hacker Lilith. They plan on recruiting him for their battle against the baby boomers.   

Everything reaches a boiling point, both on a relational and a social level.

Generation B, a life that does not promise well. A series about being young in an old world.  

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Original title

Generatie B


Social Satire/Comedy

First broadcast

Feb 8, 2017

Production company

De Mensen


Marijke Wouters & Pieter Van Huyck


Pieter Van Hees


Joost Vandecasteele & Pieter Van Hees


Jeroen Van der Ven, Ella-June Henrard, Efrat Galai, Eva Binon, Jeroen Perceval, Mungu Cornelis & Zouzou Ben Chikha

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders


2017 - Winner of the Jury Prize at the Serien Camp Festival