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Youth for Climate

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For a few months, teenagers all over the world have been skipping school to fight for a more robust climate policy. This has brought them a lot of media attention and international followers, but also negative commentary. In just a few weeks’ time, they make international headlines. We follow the founders of Belgian organization Youth for Climate. Belgian climate activist Kyra Gantois says

‘We’re angry. It’s true. We are angry about everything: that they’re not listening to us, that we’ve got to do this, while we just want to have a normal childhood, but we can’t, because we’re afraid.’

Her co-founder Anuna De Wever states

‘I’m really frightened about the future. And that’s realistic, because everyone is just carrying on as if everything is okay, while we are clearly in the midst of a crisis. But we’re not really treating it like a crisis, and that’s why I’m panicking. Fear is our biggest motivator. And no 17-year-old should be driven by fear. That’s really not healthy.’

Kyra and Anuna meet their biggest inspiration Greta Thunberg in Brussels.


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Pano: Youth for Climate


Current affairs / Environment & sustainability

First broadcast

Feb 27, 2019

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Reporter: Sarah De Bisschop

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Swedish film - Sweden
TVN - Poland
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