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The secret of Jehovah

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This documentary paints a disturbing picture of the internal functioning of the community of Jehovah's witnesses in our country. This shows how sexual child abuse has been structurally covered for years within the organization through an internal legal system based on Biblical procedures.

The reporters spoke with victims. They tell how they are not heard and helped within the organization and how to remain silent. They now come out with their story to protect future victims. A victim says: "So you really have to keep this for you, we don't want to put reproach on God's name. You have to trust us that we will lead that in the right direction. Together we will pray to God again, and that will come good."

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Original title

Het geheim van Jehova (over kindermisbruik bij getuigen van Jehova)


current affairs

First broadcast

Mar 27, 2019


Sara Van Boxstael

Pascal Seynhaeve


Doruntina Islamaj

Machteld Libert