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Rehabilitation after March 22

factual current affairs

| 1 episode | 47 min

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22 March 2016, a date that needs no further explanation in Belgium. We all have seen the horrible images several times. In the one-off 'Rehabilitation after 22 March' we show what happened after the horror. Walter (47), a manager, wanted to visit his daughter in Tel Aviv that day. Laurens (22) wanted to fly to his girlfriend, who is studying in Sweden. And Margaux (33), a Polish mum of a 6-year-old son, was heading to work, as usual, with the metro. They got seriously injured. For all three of them, 2016 was all about rehabilitation. Weeks to months in the hospital, learn to walk with a prosthesis, learn to live with a burnt face and scars... We hear their story, from falling and standing up again, from perseverance and the need to live.

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Original title

Revalideren na 22 maart (Pano)


Current affairs

First broadcast

Dec 28, 2016


Machteld Libert & Tomas Teetaert