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My body is mine

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In Kenya, very young girls are getting genitally mutilated on a very large scale. In secluded places, hundreds of girls are waiting for their turn every day. Quiet and scared, tense and ignorant about their inevitable fate. The women who do the genital mutilations slip in ordinary houses early in the morning or late at night to do their horrible work. However, this practice has been legally forbidden in Kenya for ten years. Officially, there are no more female genital mutilations in Kenya, but the truth is completely different.


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Original title

Blijf van mijn lijfje (Via Annemie)


Current affairs

First broadcast

Feb 6, 2014


Host: Belgian journalist Annemie Struyf


Golden Nymph Awards (Monte-Carlo Television Festival) 2015 - International Red Cross Committee Prize

World Media Festival 2015 - Rockie Award in the category Humanitarian and investigation (nomination)

INPUT 2015 (nomination)

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Possibility of a one off of 55'

Part of the same documentary series with journalist Annemie Struyf as Fly me to the moon