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Mission Chaos: how Russia turns (dis) information into a weapon

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Russia is accusing Belgium of staging a poison gas attack in Syria. That kind of finger pointing is not new. In 2016 Russia also accused Belgium, when civilian casualties fell in a bombing raid in Syria. But the facts tell something else. What is going on here? Pano delves into the world of half-truths, polarization and misinformation. Is it Russia's intention to no longer be able to decide what is true and what is not? In this documentary we talk to the Belgian State Security and go to Finland, to show how this new war is raging (and fighting) primarily online.

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Original title

Missie chaos: Hoe Rusland van (des)informatie een wapen maakt



First broadcast

Apr 3, 2019

Licensed by

RTBF Belgium


Bram Vandeputte